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About the Yaqui Indians

Native American actor Victor Aaron was a member of the Indian tribe the Yaqui Indians and has played in a few films but was more well known for his voice over of the character John RedCorn on the popular series King of the Hill. Victor Aaron died on September 4th 1996 and was remembered in an episode of the King of the Hill show after he was killed tragically in a road accident one week before his birthday. He would have been 40 years old. Though this actor has past away the memory of his people still lives on and members of the Yaqui tribe are thriving in the state of Arizona. The yaqui Indian tribes originally lived in the valley of Rio Yaqui. This valley is located in the state called Sonora in Mexico and many Yaqui Indians still inhabit this part of Mexico to this day but some have migrated to Arizona because of conflict between the Mexican government and the Yaqui Indian Tribes. The Yaqui is a popular name for these native Americans but they in fact call themselves Yoreme which means people. The language that these native Americans speak is part of the 30 languages in the Uto Aztecan family and it has been used in this tribe for many generations. These native American peoples also refer to their homeland in Mexico as Hiakin which many think that the work Yaqui comes from. They also describe the tribe as the Hiaki Nation or Pascua Hiaki which means Easter People.

The Yaqui peoples mainly subsisted by growing corn and squash as well as beans as agriculture is the main way that these people made a living. Some of the Yaqui fished in addition to farming and some also hunted. These people are renowned for being warriors and they were very skilled at their craft. The yaqui are also described as predominately tall in stature throughout history hence the tall stature of the character that native American actor victor Aaron played in the tv show King of the Hill.