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Talent Among the Tribes

When you think of Native Americans, what do you think of? Do you think of feathered headbands, peace-pipes, tee-pees, casinos and Pocahontas? Native Americans, or the even more fitting title of first Americans, are actually becoming known for their various talents. Many people feel that Native Americans are rewarded with free schooling, and money, when in fact, they are usually just receiving what was taken from them and their family in the first place. Many see First Americans as playing the part of the down-trodden ‘Indian,’ attempting to get pity from others, when in fact, Native Americans are beginning to take over the entertainment industry by storm, thus proving their own efficiency without the help of others.

In the movie industry, there are several First Americans they you may not have known were of Native American ancestry. Johnny Depp may be one of the most well-known actors of our time, and also one the most well-known for their Native American ancestry; Depp claims his grandfather to be of full Cherokee descent. Another well known person to our modern day entertainment industry is Cameron Diaz, who claims to be 1/8th Native ancestry herself. Diaz starred in such movies as The Mask, There’s Something About Mary, Vanilla Sky, and most recently, Bad Teacher.

Aside from the film industry, many well-known First Americans can be found in the music industry too. Tori Amos is part Eastern Cherokee, and is a well-known pop/rock singer. Also of Cherokee ancestry is world famous Jimi Hendrix. There are many more famous musicians of Native American blood that one may not know were a First American, including Carrie Underwood, Steven Tyler, and famous disco diva Tina Turner.

From movies to music, cameras to mics, and tee-pees to Hollywood, whichever stereotypes you choose to believe, one fact remains certain: First Americans are blowing everyone away with their diverse amount of talent.