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Seminole Indian Paula Sanchez

The Seminole Indian Tribe is one that is well known in the US and around the world and one in which there is much talent. Paula Sanchez is a testament to this talent as she is a musician/actress that makes much native music and one that is very good at doing so. Paula Sanchez is 100 percent Seminole Indian and she was born in FL in the town of Clewiston. Paula was raised by her mother whose name is Mildred Bowers and also her grandmother Ada Pearce. Until she was 5 years old Paula lived on the Seminole Indian Reservation in Brighton making her very aware of her roots and her heritage. The Seminole Indian Tribe is one of the Native American tribes that is very proud of their tradition and the talents that come out of the tribe. In regards to this the mother and grandmother of this artist is very proud of her accomplishments including the completion of a BA in psychology and a Masters in Mental health Counseling.

Paula is pursuing a music career now and is touring with the group Native Music Rocks. Her Indian name is Shima Fula and this is also the title of her debut album. There are a few collaborations with other native American artist featured on the album such as Icon Keith Secola who has a song called NDN Cars and this is seen by many Seminole native Americans as the native American anthem. As far as the big screen goes this actress has played in movies such as Bad Boys II which was seen by her as a great honor. She also acted in the fast and the furious alongside Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Some TV shows that she has been on include JAG, ER, and the popular show Without a Trace.