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The Pueblo Indians

Pueblo Indian Actors are not known in mainstream movies but the Pueblo Indian culture still remains strong in some parts of the US including New Mexico and Utah. Pueblo Indians are from a strong cultural heritage that has been seen on screen through a few movies. Though there are no known Pueblo Indian actors the movie Acoma was based on this heritage and tells the story of the pueblo Indians well. There is much to be learned about the Pueblo Indians such as their area of inhabitation and the kind of homes that they live in that will be discussed here.

The Native American tribe called the Pueblo Indian tribe was most often located in villages that were near the rivers of the Southwest. The area that they inhabited in the past and also the area that some inhabit now are known as Texas, Utah, New Mexico and California as well as parts of Colorado. This land varies between the steep walled canyons and the sandy deserts in addition to some plateaus that are present here. Days in the area that the Pueblo Native Americans lived in were often very hot with very cold nights as well. Rain in this area was scare and this is a reason why the Pueblos preferred to live near rivers and streams such as the Rio Grande and the Gila and Salt rivers. The rainy season only lasts 6 weeks in these areas in addition to this.

Pueblo Indians were a native American tribe that only slept in caves that were not man made and on cliffs for the early part of their history. They also built homes out of sand and adobe and placed them next to rivers. An interesting fact about this Indian tribe is that the homes were almost exclusively owned by women.