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The Plain Indians

Native American actor Kalani Queypo is part of the tribe of the Blackfoot Indians but what is not known to many about this Indian tribe is that the tribe was also a part of a bigger category of Indian tribes referred to as the Plain Indians. The Plain Indians includes many important tribes of Indians including the Sioux and Comanche Indian tribes. One other Indian tribe in particular that is very famous in the US in the Blackfoot tribe. These tribes of Indians lived in a vast area spanning from the Mississippi river towards the Rocky Mountain area. In terms of weather conditions in this area it could get as hot as 100 degrees or more in the summer time and could be as cold as more than 40 below in the winter including heavy snow. The Plain Indians hunted various animals in order to make clothing that could adapt to these vast weather changes. In addition to this when it rained on the plains they could often flood because of the dryness of the land and few Indians lived on the actual plains of the area until Europeans brought horses to America. The plain Indians usually lived on the mountains and grasslands before this.

In regards to the homes that these tribes lived in they were located in villages and made of earth for the most part. Few Indians lived far away from a water source such as a river or stream until the mode of transportation found with horses arose when Europeans came to the Americas. On occasions they would also build wigwams that protected a teepee from rotting. The wigwam also stored food for the Indian tribes. In addition to this the tribes had little furniture and most of their beds were made of buffalo skins with the hair still left on them. These are popularly called buffalo robes.