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The Navajo Indian Tribe

he Navajo Indian Tribes are well known in the US and other countries and are often portrayed on the big screen but not by real Navajo Indians until recently. The Navajo Indian actor Roger Willie is a part of this tribe and surprisingly played an actual Navajo Indian in the film Windtalkers in 2002. The movie was directed by John Woo and was about the acts of native Americans in terms of volunteering for the WWII war effort. The Navajo Indians played the role of code talkers in the war and in the movie which is very curious because they were driven from their lands by the same country that they were fighting for in this conflict. The Navajo Indians were dwellers of the four sacred mountains in Navajo country and were forced to leave this area less than 80 years before WWII. Many Navajos volunteered to be marines in the war and were very patriotic for doing so. They were secret weapons in the Pacific campaign that the US was a part of. The job of these Indians was to send and translate messages in their native tongue as the Japanese that the US were fighting against were often fluent in English and could easily intercept and break the codes of the US. The efforts of these Navajo Indians led the US to victory in the Pacific campaign by ensuring that the Japanese did not tap into any information sent or received by the US leading to the capturing of Japanese strongholds.

Roger Willie played the part of Charlie Whitehorse in the Movie Windtalkers but almost never even auditioned for the part. He was convinced by two of his nephews to try out for the role and was making a living as a freelance artist when the audition was brought to his attention. He worked tirelessly after being cast to get his part correct and to ensure that he knew the ins and outs of code talking through working with a consultant by the name of Albert Smith.