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Native American Actresses- Geraldine Keams

The Native American Indian peoples are usually referred to as the first nation as they have been the first population to live in America. Their history is often troubled but attempts to portray it have always existed especially in the entertainment industry. Movies trying to tell the story or only a story of the Native American peoples have been filmed throughout the years and many of them featured Native American actors. Most of them have moreover become popular and started being casted for non-Native American movies as well. Here one can read more about Geraldine Keams, one of the Native American actresses who have gained her popularity with her role in one of the Native American Indian movies.

Geraldine Keams was born on august 19, 1951 in Arizona and she has always been best known thanks to the roles she played in various TV series in which she mostly plays a motherly role. She debuted however with the role of Little Moonlight in Clint Eastwood’s The Outlaw Josey Wales. On the television she is best known for her role in Dharma and Greg where she plays the role of a sweat-lodge medicine woman. In recent years she gave her career a switch by stage acting and telling stories to children. She is also taking part in children’s plays about Native American Indian legends.

Geraldine, also known as Gerry Keams, played in various movies, both TV series as well as cinema. Some of the most popular TV series in which she played various roles include Comanche Moon, Buffalo Dreams, Edge of America, Dream Keeper, The Secret of Lizard Woman, Shadow hunter, and Born to the Wind. Moreover, the film that made her famous was The Outlaw of Josey Wales but she also played in Scrambled, Angels Don’t Sleep Here, and a Thousand Roads.