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Native American Actress Tantoo Cardinal

Native American Indian individuals, although quite numerous in America and in communities well protected by national and federal legislation, are less known or less visible in the movie scene. Very few Native American actors have made it as mainstream actors or actresses, but those who do remain popular for a long time to come. Here one can read more about one of the best known Native American actresses, Rose Marie Tantoo Cardinal.

Cardinal was born in Canada, Alberta by a mother who had herself been a descendant of Cree and a M├ętis. Her name was Julia Cardinal. Rose Marie played in various known movies and films as well as television series. Perhaps one of the best known movies in which she performed was Dances with Wolves, as well as Legends of the Fall. At the same time she could be seen in the mini-series called By Way of the Stars, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and starring Gordon Tootoosis as the Cree chief, and Eric Schweig as Black Thunder. Thanks to her contribution to increasing the awareness towards the development of the Aboriginal arts in Canada, Rose Marie was made a member of the Order of Canada in 2009. Notably she has been one of the founding members of the Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company.

A wide range of first Americans movies have been made recently, and Cardinal was cast in many of them. Her portfolio includes a vast number of films such as Marie-Anne, Places Not Our Own, Every Emotion Costs, Running Brave, War Party, Black Robe, Silence, The Education of Little Tree, A Thief of Time, The Lost Child and many others. Her most notable TV appearances include Tales of an Urban Indian, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Spirit Bay, Dear Prudence, Mom, Dad and Her, as well as many others.