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Native American Actors, Adam Beach

Adam Beach is one of the Native American actors who have gained recognition and awareness of their talent in acting. There are not that many Native American actors and Native American actresses that have made it in the American film industry, but those who have managed to get the recognition they deserve have remained in the history of cinematography. Read on and find out more interesting information about one of these Native American actors, Adam Beach.

Adam Beach was born in Manitoba and grew up in the First Nations reserve at Lake Manitoba. His mother had been killed in a car accident, by a drunk driver and after a short time after she died, his dad had drowned given he was drunk. After both their parents died, Adam and his brothers moved to their grandmother’s house and he lived there until he was 12 after which he and his brothers move to Winnipeg where they lived with an uncle and aunt. He studied drama afterwards at the Gordon Bell High School and started performing in the local theatre ever since he was young. Yet, he had quit of school to accept up a role in the Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

When he was 18 years old, Adam got a place in the miniseries Lost in the Barrens, efter this role he was continued to be casted in TV shows such as Walker, Texas Ranger, The Rez, North of 60 and Touched by an Angel. Adam Beach is however best known for his roles in movies such as Joe dirt where he played the role of Kickin’ Wing, Flags of Our Fathers in the role of Marine Private First Class Ira Hayes, Windtalkers, Burn My Heart at Wounded Knee and Skinwalker, Coyote Waits and A Thief of Time. He also featured in recent TV series such as the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.