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Native American Actor Abel Fernandez

Native American actors are often little known in America, and the Indian people in general are usually stereotyped in film portrayals, but there are many native Americans who have appeared in a number of films as actors and actresses. Native American actor Abel Fernandez is a native American person who has played in a multitude of films and television shows in various roles. This actor comes from humble beginnings and had to work his way up to the status he enjoyed at the peak of his acting career.

Native American actor Abel Fernandez was born in the year 1930 on July 14th, and is one of the few Native American actors that made it to the big screen or stared in a popular television series in the United States. Fernandez co-starred on the series The Untouchables during its 4 year run from 1959 to 1963, and during his acting career he also starred in a host of movies such as Second Chance, and Alaska Sea in 1953. He was born in Los Angeles, California, to a mother from one of the known Native American Tribes, the Yakaii Indian tribe, and his father was a Mexican Indian. Abel was the youngest of a very big family but his talent shined through at an early age. He did not start studying the acting profession until 1953, but soon landed roles in films. He attended the school Belmont High in L.A., and enlisted in the army as a paratrooper around the age of 16. Another interesting point in the life of Fernandez occurred when he won the middleweight boxing championship in the Asiatic Forces around the age of 20, and he became a professional boxer around this time as well. It was not until an unfortunate event in 1953 that he decided to take up acting as a profession.