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Iroquois Indian Actor Jay Silverheels

The Iroquois Indian Tribe is one that is very well known in the American culture and there are a few other well known Native American tribes in addition to this but the Iroquois Native Americans are some of the only ones that live in what is now the State of New York. The Iroquois Native Americans are comprised of what is referred to as the 5 civilized tribes in America. These tribes include the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, and the Seneca tribes. Iroquois Indian Jay Silverheels has been in a few movies and this Iroquois actor is one that put the Iroquois Indians in the spotlight through his role in movies such as Dances with Wolves and others. Jay Silverheels was a native of Canada and he was born to a Mohawk Chief. In addition to this he was also a star lacrosse player as well as a boxer before he got his start in films and television. When he started acting he appear in films as a stuntman in the year 1938. He was in many films before he hit the big time and did Key Largo which was a film by the famous Humphrey Bogart. Many of this Iroquois Indian’s roles were as a native American including his role as Tonto in the hit American Series the Lone Ranger.

Jay Silverheels played Tonto for quite some time on the series The Lone Ranger and in this role he could show up in places where the star character, The Lone Ranger, could not and bring justice to villains and at times he would be shot or beat up for this. He would play this character in his long career until he suffered a heart attack. After he suffered a heart attack he was replaced by the actor John Hart in the television show but he played the part again in the Lone ranger films. After the shows cancelation the actor had few other oppurtunities as he would always be remembered as Tonto. He then became a spokesperson for the improvement of how Indians were portrayed on TV and the big Screen.