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About the Inuit Tribe

Inuit Indians as well as many of the other Indian tribes are underrepresented in Hollywood to a very big extent but there are a few actors with Inuit ancestry including Paul Brasseur. Paul Andre Brasseur is a part native American actor from inuit ancestry who was born in Montreal in 1994. Inuit Indian tribes have much history and distinctive styles of building homes and making clothing that are considered distinct from other native American Indian tribes by many. Inuit Indians were located in the Arctic region of North America so within America they would be located in Alaska. The artic region stretches from the Bering Strait to the country of Greenland and this is about a 5000 mile distance. This is a harsh climate for anyone to live in because the temperatures in this region can drop to below -40 degrees Fahrenheit and this is a temperature that can cause a number of problems in terms of using utilities and maintaining water supplies but the Inuit tribes managed well.

The Inuit tribe made their homes from earth and stone and also placed them partially underground because of the harsh weather they endured often enough. Inuit Indian tribes are known for their skill in making warm clothing from Caribou skin and Sealskin in the summer months. These materials suited the Inuit Tribe well because they were comfortable and lightweight as well. Clothing that they made were also made of other materials such as Oxen and polar bears as well as birds. Women most often made these clothes with bones for needles and gut thread. Both sexes of the Inuit Tribe wore tunics that were hooded and trousers over their long boots but the women’s tunics were often larger than the men’s in order to carry babies inside and keep them close to the mothers.