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Cherokee Indian Tribe

The Cherokee Indian Tribe is a well known tribe that many actors and actresses claim to be a part of. One part American Indian actor in particular that has been tied to having Cherokee roots is Burt Reynolds. There is a lot of information that has been found relating to the Cherokee tribe throughout history including their behaviors and habits that may be different from other Indian tribes that will be discussed here. The Cherokee Indian tribes lived in the southern appalacian mountains as well as its valleys. From here they have moved all over the US especially in the areas of present day North Carolina and South Carolina as well as Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama. The tribe also lived in villages that were found along riverbanks for easy access to water which is essential for all human survival. The villages that they lived in each contained a council house that was big and circular as well as windowless and often built on top of a mound. The walls of this council house were often made of saplings that were woven together and plastered with mud. In addition to this the Cherokee would move from a rectangular shaped wooden house in the winter into a small round mud house. The Cherokee were skilled at many things especially hunting and making benches for their homes.

In terms of the clothing that the Cherokee Indians wore these were often made of deerskin and plants which were woven together into short skirts for the women and breechcloths leggings and moccasins for the men. In the winter the Indian tribes wore capes in order to keep warm and to keep out the cold winter air. The capes were worn over the left shoulder and were made of either fur from a rabbit or turkey feathers. Men were also often seen to paint and tattoo many parts of their bodies.