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The Apache Indians

Del Zamora is a famous part Native American actor who was most known in America for being cast in the movie Repo Man in 1982 but besides this he has done numerous other films while in college as well as professionally out of college. Del Zamora has work with producers such as Cheech Marin and Alex Cox in his stellar career. The Indian tribe that the actor claims is Apache and much information about the Apache Indians is known. The Apache Indians historically lived in the areas of the US that are now known as New Mexico and Arizona and some can still be found in this area. They were an Indian tribe that was nomadic in nature and roamed from place to place in search of good dwellings and abundances of food to feed the families that belonged to the Apache tribes. Because they were roamers they often spent their time in one of two homes the first being in the mountains and the second in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. They lived at each home only for short periods of time and then moved on to the next area. The women were the ones who built the homes and they were called Wickiups which were small round domes that were built in a few hours in most cases.

The Apache Indians were seen to make their clothes out of deer hide in the early years of their existence. In order to do this they soaked the hide in some water and then proceeded to stretch them out and rub them constantly in order to make them feel soft. This was a common way clothes were made for men and women and the men most likely wore breechcloths and moccasins when it was warm outside. The women usually were seen in short skirts when it was warm outside.